Aluminium Sulphate Chemical
The aluminium sulphate chemical is offered by us for use in paper manufacturing and wastewater treatment plants. In the domain of water purification, it works by coagulating the suspended impurities into bigger particles, which get settled at the bottom and are filtered easily.
Poly Aluminium Chloride
Poly Aluminium Chloride is used for destroying microorganisms in potable water. It kills the bacteria, germs and molds via direct reaction with the microbial cells that cause irreversibly denatured and hence results in killing several pathogens.
Sewage Treatment Plant
The essential infrastructure facilities known as sewage treatment plants are made to handle and clean wastewater from commercial, industrial, and residential sources. Because they process and dispose of sewage in an ecologically friendly manner, these facilities are essential to maintaining environmental health and public safety. 
Automatic Hand Sanitizer
Innovative hygienic technologies like automatic hand sanitizers help to keep public areas cleaner and lessen the transmission of germs. These gadgets have motion sensors built in to detect the presence of hands, making touchless and convenient sanitizing liquid or gel pouring possible. 
Sanitizer Tunnel
An inventive way to improve safety and hygiene in public areas is via a Sanitizer Tunnel, a specifically made structure. Usually, these tunnels include several spray mechanisms or nozzles that shoot a fine mist or spray of sanitizing or disinfecting solution. 

Color Fixer
We are offering a color fixer agent, which is completely free from formaldehyde and conforms to all Euro standards. Offered in industrial grade, this dye fixing agent is provided in liquid form.
Aluminum Hydroxide Chloride
Aluminum Hydroxide Chloride belongs to the water-soluble group of definitive aluminum salts. The application of this chemical is in cosmetics wherein it is used like an antiperspirant. In addition, it is also used as a coagulant in water purification.
Dye Fixing Agent
We are offering a commercial dye fixing agent, which is used for correcting the unfixed dyestuff on the fabrics. This chemical agent is used in commercial applications for betterment of color fastness as well as the quality of the fabric.
Color Removal
The industrial grade liquid color removal agent is available here. It is available in liquid form and is assured to be 99% pure. This is a chemical which is used to waste water and many other industries.
Deinking Agent
The Paper Industry Deinking Agent is offered in liquid form and packed in a transparent bottle. It supports recycling technologies in the papermaking industry. The agent is a type of detergent which is used for the purpose of recycling the waste paper.
Baking Powder
We are providing baking powder in white color, which is used in food preparation. It is used for creation of the air bubbles in the baked food items, which helps in achieving their light, and airy texture.

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